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More than building houses, we build gorgeous, lasting homes. Houses are simply structures, but homes are real living spaces that provide a healthy and warm environment for us, our loved ones, and our guests. That is what we, Montes Construction, always aim to give to our clients.

A leading construction company in Santa Barbara, Montes Construction focuses on providing optimum quality in various construction services for everyone in California’s central coast. The company owner, Izzy Montes, has been in the industry for over 15 years. Thus, you can rest assured that no matter what construction project we handle, we will be giving nothing but highly professional and expert works. Our galleries—collections of photos from previous construction projects—can attest to the amount of time, thought, and effort that we put into the services we provide.

Of course, while we strive to provide the most beautiful designs and outcomes, we understand that price is one of the most important deciding factors for clients. That is why we offer the fairest prices for our best quality works.

Feel free to take a look at the services to offer and leave some time to visit our galleries. You are sure to find some desirable designs, and when you do, simply give us a call or send a note, and we will surely make your dream constructions into reality.

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A home can’t be a safe haven if it does not have strong foundations. Before your dream house can be built, sturdy frames must first be put up. Frame construction is a simple yet necessary part of any building construction. It does not only present how the finished building will be like, but it also determines where walls, roofs, and certain areas such as windows will be placed.

Montes Construction does not just place frames into your property. Rather, we focus on the minute details. We guarantee that only the best woods are used for frames and that their placement is based on a thoroughly designed plan.

Regardless if you are planning to have your home or building constructed in the city, the suburb, or a small town, electrical construction will be highly needed. At such a time, Montes Construction is here to give you a hand.
Electrical construction must not just be done cleanly but precisely as well. That is why Montes Construction collaborates with you, our customers, in creating an electrical design. Once everything is approved and the construction is scheduled, you can then rest assured that everything will go smoothly until the end.


Is your home missing something? Perhaps you want to have another room for guests or a child you are expecting to have? Home remodeling takes a lot of forms, but regardless of the change you want to have, it is essential to hire a construction services provider who knows and goes through the remodeling process carefully and with precision. Montes Construction is one such company you can rely on. In remodeling homes and turning visions into real creations, Montes Construction undertakes three crucial steps, namely, design, planning, and construction.

What are your home remodeling plans? Are you thinking of a full house renovation? Are you simply thinking of refurnishing how your home looks from the outside? Are you planning to add a new room? All these questions and the answers to them will decide the design for your home remodeling.

Once the design is finished, the plan is then created. This plan involves various elements such as the materials to be used, the overall costs, and the schedule for construction.

At the agreed dates, construction will take place. Regarding this matter, it is best to notify your next-door neighbors, so they can anticipate interruptions and noise that the construction activities entail.


More than the paintings and furniture that you adorn a room with, what can make it greatly stand out is the tile and stone work that you choose to match the activities you have created the room for.

Montes Construction understands how a seemingly simple tile work can greatly change the atmosphere a room radiates, and that is why we do not just focus on what we think will be beautiful for your house and what will bring us more dollars. Rather, we work with you, our clients, throughout the way to ensure that tiles and stones to be used will not just match your preferences and finance but will also bring out the utmost beauty of your rooms.

A thorough and intricate design is created based on your visions for the room and our suggestions regarding what we think will complement and enrich your rooms’ overall look. Why would you want a simple entertainment or dining room when you can transform it into a Medieval or castle-inspired room? Do you want your backyard to become a wonderland? With the right tile and stone works, that can easily be realized. Montes Construction can help you gain artistic creations under your footsteps, so why don’t you give us a call and see the paradise that is your home awaiting you?


Although most of us get a home that has all the rooms and features we think we will ever need, there may come a time when we will want or need to have a home addition. Perhaps you want your garage expanded or you need another room for a child you are expecting or a relative who will be living with you for good. Regardless of the reason, a home addition will prove to be the best option for comfortable and fine living.

One thing you must remember, however, when looking for companies or contractors to fulfill this task you, is that experience and expertise are highly needed. It is not enough that a company understands your needs; the company you choose must have the professional knowledge and a background related to such a project for it to give you the outcome you desire.

Montes Construction does not just understand your needs. Rather, we are a professional company, with the owner, Izzy Montes, leading numerous construction projects for well over a decade. A dedicated and innovative company you can rely on, Montes Construction can create home additions that will look a natural part of your home and will bring you confidence and joy.

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